I’m a historian by trade, and I love history. But that wasn’t always so. When I was in high school and then college in the 1960s, history courses were boring to me. Everything had to do with old white men and wars. So how did I get to love it?

In the late sixties and early seventies, I got involved in the antiwar, women’s, and social justice movements. Oddly enough, I also took up embroidery, something I had done a little of when I was a kid. The embroidery and the women’s movement took me to the study of women’s history. . . and here I am today. I have an M.A. in Women’s History from Sarah Lawrence College and a Ph.D. in History from Stony Brook University. I’ve taught for a total of forty-eight years and have authored five books which are featured on this website.

Oh, and lest I forget. . . I’m a musical theater freak and will go to see most anything.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m proud to have known you way back when at NYU. Congratulations on your many accomplishments & continuing achievements.
    Joanne Davidson


  2. Dr. Alonso: I attended your class at Fitchburg State College in about 1997. I still have your book on Women’s Activism in the Peace Movement and regard your course as one of the best ever. Turned me into an historian. Here I am as an 80 year old with a recent history of 4 years as President of the local historical society and custodian of many files on local history, etc.
    Barbara A. Smith


  3. Dr.Alonso: As a former student of yours at Fitchburg, I truly appreciated your book “Martha and the Slave Catchers.” It presents a different perspective on the Underground Railroad for me. Congratulations on your latest “Peace” award – well deserved.
    Barbara A. Smith


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