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  1. h,

    Always enjoy your devotion and commitment to women and peace history. You are the one that pushed me to expand my horizons with respect to feminist pacifism and my AHA pamphlet. This is an article that I will gladly share with my students at Molloy College. I have some interesting info on the philosopher John Dewey and his relationship with Jane Addams, which adds to the discussion. Glad you’re getting into the 21st with being techno-savvy. I like what you have done. Balloons are a nice touch. My grandkids would love them. Enjoy.


  2. Nice article, Harriet. I’ve just returned from leading a 10-day student trip to Europe: “World Wars and the Holocaust.” After a full dose of tours, museums, and site visits, it’s obvious that in the public sphere the memory of war still trumps the memory of peace–so thanks for making a contribution to the latter. –best, Scott.


  3. Familiar as I am with the quality of your writing, I can’t wait for my pre-ordered copy of Marth’s adventures to arrive. Congratulation!



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