A Reflection on Off-Shore Drilling

I am an avid embroiderer. I love trying out all sorts of needlework, taking classes, and reading about history and technique. Back in the 1970s, I created a group of political posters as needlepoint pieces. Little did I know that one of my 1978 designs, Greetings from Long Island, would become super relevant forty years later. I created this design as a reaction to a newspaper article claiming that there were plans for off-shore drilling off Long Island, New York. The impact it would have on our beautiful beaches and communities inspired me to pick up my needle and yarn to express my concerns. Greetings from Long Island measures 10 inches by 13 inches. It was worked on 18 mesh canvas with DMC floss, perle cotton, and rayon. It hangs in my workroom along with other political posters I’ve designed and stitched with a 30 year gap in time to develop my work as a historian.

Welcome to Long Island

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