Trailers for Martha

Every now and again I wander through search engines to see if anything new pops up about my work, especially Martha and the Slave Catchers. Just recently I came across two delightful video trailers that were made for the book. I do not know who created them except that they are credited to “Cole” and “Ava.” I believe they were class projects as the You Tube videos say “Tamar’s Class.” I did a bit of searching (I’m a historian after all) and believe they may have derived from a college in Alberta, Canada. However, I’m not sure. So, if Tamar, Ava, or Cole see this, please contact me at Meanwhile, for all the rest of you, enjoy Ava and Cole’s work. I sure did. But, also, please remember that you should ask permission from Seven Stories Press to use the images. In this case, Elizabeth Zunon should have been asked for permission to use her copyrighted art work.


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