Look Her Up: Rose Schneiderman

This past year was a full and complicated one, and I had in mind to post my usual World Embroidery Day blog but did not. And so I forgot to post the third of my Look Her Up Needlepoint pieces. Here she is:

Rose Schneiderman was a labor leader and outspoken women’s rights advocate for just about ninety years. Her fame began in New York City where she was active in the Women’s Trade Union League and then the ILGWU. Schneiderman went on to work with Franklin Roosevelt when he was governor of New York and then President of the United States. She is credited with being the person to popularize the phrase “Bread and Roses,” for those are the things that working women need. Bread for the table. . . roses for the soul. “Bread and Roses” became a popular labor anthem, and you can hear several versions of it on line. My favorite is the one sung by Judy Collins. You may notice that the piece is worked in various shades of rose and green with just a tinge of brown for the bread.

A belated message to all: Happy Women’s History Month and World Embroidery Day, 2022.

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